Semi-Sweet Chocolate

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Types of Chocolate

Have you ever paused while enjoying your favorite chocolate bar to ponder exactly what chocolate is? If so, the answer to your question is that chocolate is a product that is achieved through a process whereby cocoa is mixed with cocoa butter and finely powdered sugar. A diverse assortment of flavors can be created using basic cocoa combined with other ingredients. As you browse through the candy bar section, cooking section or beverage area of a store you’ll discover many different types and forms of chocolate. The types of chocolate are given their specific distinctions based on the ratio of cocoa used in each formation.

Milk Chocolate is made with milk. The milk used can be in powder form, liquid form or condensed form. Milk chocolate became available in liquid form in 1839 and in solid form as a candy bar in 1875.

Dark chocolate is made by adding fat and sugar to cocoa. It has much less, possibly no, milk in it. Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa than milk chocolate. Although it’s flavor is more intense than milk chocolate, it is a popular choice of candy. Bars of dark chocolate that are promoted as baking bars typically contain 70% to 90% cocoa. Dark chocolate is also referred to as semi-sweet chocolate. Semi sweet baking chocolate has a distinct intensity and slightly bitter flavor.

White chocolate is a uniquely flavored confection that doesn’t contain cocoa solids. It is made using sugar, milk and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is the fatty component of the cocoa bean.

Semisweet chocolate is often used in a culinary manner. It has a low sugar content and intense flavor.

Bittersweet chocolate has less sugar than semi sweet chocolate. One way to identify the level of sweetness in chocolate is to check the percentage of cocoa contained in the mixture. In many situations, semisweet chocolate and bittersweet chocolate are interchangeable in recipes.

Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate

Semi sweet baking chocolate is one of the most versatile types of chocolate. Semisweet chocolate is defined as a mix of cocoa butter, sugar and a minimum of 35% pure chocolate. It is available as a block of chocolate, as semi sweet chocolate chips or in the form of semi sweet squares. Although referred to as baking chocolate, semi sweet chocolate can be used to enhance the flavor of non-baked recipes such as trail mixes. Shaved semi sweet chocolate can be sprinkled over a dessert or ice cream to take the dessert to a higher level of decadence.

Is semi-sweet chocolate the same as dark chocolate?

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the various types of chocolate. If you’re looking for chocolate to include in a recipe, you can typically use a product marketed as semi sweet chocolate or dark chocolate in the same manner. Basically, semisweet chocolate is a dark chocolate that contains half as much sugar as cocoa.

Is semi sweet chocolate dairy free?

Semi sweet chocolate can be placed on the list of acceptable foods for those who are on a dairy-free diet. It does not contain any milk solids.

Health Benefits of semisweet chocolate

There’s a myriad of reasons to make bulk semi sweet chocolate purchases. One reason is the many ways they can be incorporated into recipes, snack mixes and their ability to elevate many of your culinary creations to a higher level of deliciousness. Another reason to buy semi-sweet chocolate chips is so that you’ll have a quick convenient pick-me-up type of snack to enjoy anytime you need it. You may be surprised, but certainly delighted to discover that semi sweet chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa has many health benefits. While buying semi sweet chocolate wholesale is good for the budget, you want to be sure that you consume this delectable treat in moderation. You can buy semi sweet baking chips in bulk at wholesale prices and package them in small snack packs or small packages as a form of portion control.

With all of the information we’re trying to stuff into our brain, it’s no wonder we sometimes experience mental stress and brain fogs. Chocolate is a good source of flavonols that help increase blood flow to your brain. Studies indicate that you can experience an increase in brain function for several hours after eating chocolate. It has also been shown that chocolate contains compounds that induce pleasurable feelings. Enjoying a small amount of chocolate can lift your mood and give you an overall happy feeling. In addition to helping you stay mentally sharp, dark chocolate can help protect you against a variety of aging issues. This is due to the powerful antioxidants in dark chocolate that protect your body from oxygen free radicals that cause you to age. Semisweet chocolate also supports heart health. Consuming this beneficial form of chocolate can help with achieving and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. It can also improve blood circulation. Research shows that adding semisweet chips to your diet can help reduce inflammation and muscle related pain. Chocolate chips and bars that contain at least 70% cocoa are a good source of beneficial minerals and fiber that your body needs to stay healthy and to function at its optimum level. When eaten in moderation, semisweet chocolate can be included in a weight loss diet. This type of chocolate contributes to a feeling of fullness that reduces your desire to snack too often or to overindulge at mealtime. The flavonols in dark chocolate also support skin health by protecting against sun damage and by increasing the hydration and density of your skin.