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About cashews

Cashews have a moderately firm texture and a slightly sweet, mildly nutty taste. This sweet and nutty flavor pairs wonderfully with a milk chocolate or dark chocolate covering. Just imagine how good you’d feel knowing that when you’re eating chocolate covered cashews, you’re actually eating a healthy snack that will please your taste buds. You may want to buy cashews by the pound when you discover their many culinary uses. Cashews are a popular addition to stir-fries, salads and chicken dishes. The fact that about 10% of the weight of a cashew is starch, makes them a popular thickening ingredient in soups and stews. During the colder seasons, when soups are served more frequently, you’ll want to buy cashews in bulk so that you’ll have plenty available to add flavor and creaminess to your homemade soups.

Cashews Nuts Nutrition

It’s not often that you gain so many nutritional benefits from something that tastes as good as cashews. When you order cashews online and make them a consistent part of your diet, you’re doing great things for your body. Find cashew for sale, stock up on them and you will have a heart-healthy food to add to your diet. When you buy cashew online, you’ll be acquiring a good source of vitamin B5, B-6 and thiamine. One serving of cashews provide 13% DV fiber. Cashews are also a good source of magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium, iron, copper and potassium. When you make cashews one of your frequent go-to snack items, you can feel good about eating a snack that promotes eye health and bone health and one that helps prevent strokes and coronary artery disease. With all of these nutritional benefits, you’ll be eager to find a cashew supplier online that offers you good prices on cashew by the pound. The best cashews to buy are those from an online source that offers high quality cashew for sale at a good price. This will enable you to buy cashews online and add this beneficial treat to your list of favorite snacks without putting a stain on your food budget.

Cashews and Cholesterol

If maintaining your currently good cholesterol level or lowering your cholesterol is one of your dietary goals, purchasing cashews online is a step in the right direction. Bulk cashew purchases will enable you to affordably and conveniently acquire a sufficient amount of cashews to have on hand for snacking and for using in meal preparation. Cashews contain unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats have a cholesterol lowering effect which make them an acceptable part of a heart-healthy diet. Unsaturated fat, such as that found in cashews is credited for helping maintain a balance between the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Unsaturated fat also reduces triglyceride levels. Reducing triglyceride levels is important because high triglyceride levels can increase the production of LDL cholesterol. Cashews are an excellent source of fiber. There is a distinct correlation between fiber and cholesterol. Soluble fiber binds itself to cholesterol molecules and ushers them from the body. Essentially, fiber blocks the absorption of cholesterol.

How are cashews harvested?

Before you buy cashews online,, whether its bulk cashew purchases or a bag of cashews, there’s a lot of work involved in preparing those delicious, nutritious treats. Before cashews reach a supplier that offers cashews online or gourmet cashews for sale, they are harvested by hand. This meticulous and time-consuming method of harvesting is the reason cashews are more pricey than some other nuts. Cashews originated in Brazil. However, today, the largest producers of cashews are Nigeria and India. Cashews grow on trees, in a tropical climate, and are actually the seed of a colorful fruit known as a cashew apple. You will not see cashews for sale in the shell. This is because the toxic shell can cause skin irritations. Proper roasting removes all traces of any toxin and makes them a safe, amazingly delicious and healthy snack option or a flavor enhancing addition to many recipes.