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  • Crouching Tiger Mix

    14oz Bag - $2.89

    Your eyes can give you a hint as to what delights await your taste buds when you put a handful of this crouching tiger mix in your mouth. You'll be treated to a sensational mix of sweetness mixed in with earthy, nutty flavors. The diverse textures are just one feature that makes this mix so…

  • Hidden Dragon Mix

    14oz Bag - $2.39

    When your snack selection has become mundane, give our hidden dragon mix a try. It features diverse flavors that range from the very lively flavored wasabi peas to the soothing honey roasted sesame seeds. Crunchy, nutty peanuts, an all-time favorite snack item, are also included in the mix along with the unique textures and flavors…

  • Oriental Rice Crackers

    10oz Bag - $1.65

    Oriental rice crackers are a treat for the senses. They feature a kaleidoscope of colors that function as a prelude to what your taste buds can expect once you start eating them. They’re great as a snack for adults or kids. They can also be a flavor enhancer for soups and salads.

  • Roasted Green Peas

    14oz Bag - $2.40

    Roasted green peas are a clever and tasty way to get kids exited about eating a vegetable. They’re a healthy, easily portable snack for kids and adults. Green peas have a sweetness to them that intensifies when they’re roasted. The crunchiness is a bonus feature that helps makes the peas feel like a fun snack…

  • Tex Mex Trail Mix

    13oz Bag - $2.60

    Use your eyes as a way to help prepare yourself for the explosion of flavor and unanticipated textural experience that you'll get when you put a handful of our Tex Mex Trail Mix in your mouth. As soon as you taste this unique combination, you'll know why we're so proud of our signature mixes and…

  • Wasabi Peas

    14oz Bag - $2.70

    For the times when you want to shake up a trail mix or add a kick to your snack routine, wasabi peas can oblige. You might be quite surprised to discover how a mundane dried pea can become a lively, invigorating snack once it meets up with wasabi seasoning. These nutritional peas are bursting with…

Wasabi peas are dried peas that have a spicy coating. When preparing personalized trail mixes, dried green peas and wasabi peas are excellent additions to the mix. Asian snacks are a delicious alternative to less healthy snacks such as potato chips and cookies.

Gourmet Asian snacks can be enjoyed alone or incorporated into trail mixes. You can buy bulk Asian snacks to add to your party table. Enjoying gourmet Asian snacks such as wasabi peas and Oriental rice crackers may be a new experience for your guests.

Buying Asian snacks wholesale enables you to economically include them in holiday gift tins or add them to trail mixes. Some studies indicate that Wasabi peas contain cancer fighting elements. This makes it easy for you to protect your health while enjoying a delicious snack.