Dried Papaya

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About dried papaya

Dried papaya has a unique, sweet flavor that epitomizes exotic deliciousness. The fact that dried papaya is revered as an incredibly healthy snack gives you even more incentive to search for a place to buy dried papaya online. By now, you probably already know that shopping online is a convenient, time-saving way to stock your pantry with foods that will contribute to your healthy eating habits. One key to remaining dedicated to a healthy diet is to refrain from buying unhealthy snack foods. By keeping a constant supply of healthy snacks, such as dried papaya and dried strawberry papaya, you will be able to gain health benefits each time you reach for a snack. Quite often, people get into a rut, both with their snack options and the meals they prepare at home. If your taste buds are bored with your usual snacks, wake them up with some dried papaya. Dry papaya makes an exciting topping for ice cream, yogurt and cereal. It can also make your mundane trail mix a more energizing treat. Dried papaya bulk amounts can be stored in your pantry and used to create diversity when your homemade meals become boring. Keep in mind, easy access to nutritional snacks and recipe enhancements will help you and your family stay on track with a healthy eating plan. Dried papaya contains no fat and is low in sodium. It can be a healthy snack to pack in your kid’s lunch box. To entice them to snack on this healthy food choice, you might want to introduce them to dried papaya strawberry slices. This would be a fun after-school snack idea or lunch box surprise.

Dried papaya is credited for improving the rejuvenation of skin and for rebuilding cells in the liver, muscles and bones. One reason to buy papaya in bulk is to assure that you always have some readily available if you have an upset stomach. Papaya is exceptionally beneficial to your digestive health. It is often recommended that you eat some papaya following a heavy meal or a meal that includes food that you typically have difficulty digesting. The common cold is something everyone wants to avoid. Papaya can be part of your defense plan. Studies show that it can protect the body from colds, the flu and routine coughs. Dried papaya is an excellent source of fiber. Getting the proper amount of fiber each day can help prevent constipation, control blood sugar, lower cholesterol and be a contributing factor to a weight loss plan.

How to dry papaya

After you explore the process involved in drying papaya, you will most likely prefer to buy dried papaya. Dehydrated papaya is achieved by peeling the papaya, removing the seeds and cutting the fruit into slices that are approximately 1/2 inch thick. You will then need to pre-treat the slices with citric acid or citrus juice before placing them in a dehydrator. Drying time takes 12 to 24 hours in a dehydrator.

Dried papaya nutrition

Dried papaya has a myriad of nutritional benefits. It is a good source of vitamin C. If you’ve been relying on carrots, dried apricots and various other red or orange fruits and vegetables for your beta-carotene, you can add dried papaya to your list of foods to eat to obtain beta-carotene. Dried papaya is a good source of potassium. Getting enough potassium in your diet can help you maintain acceptable blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Dried papaya is also a good source of iron, calcium and magnesium. You may want to include dried papaya in your diet because it is a good source of carbohydrates. A serving of dried papaya provides 22g of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates fuel your muscles and cells with energy.