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Colored Chocolate Candies

It has been established through numerous studies, research and statistical data that chocolate has many health benefits. It is credited for supporting heart, brain, skin and eye health. Chocolate helps lower cholesterol. This amazing food can help lower blood pressure, fight cancer, prevent tooth decay, improve your mood and reduce your risk of depression. Chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It’s most likely due to a combination of benefits, such as its ability to relieve stress and the emotional and physical benefits of chocolate, that researchers list an increase in longevity as one of the good qualities associated with chocolate. With all the good things that chocolate offers, you would be doing something very nice for yourself by including this sweet treat in your diet. There’s such a diversity in chocolate candy options that you can consistently vary your selection. Colored chocolates are just one type of chocolate candy that you can enjoy at snack time, include as part of a meal or give as a gift to family and friends.

People have been enjoying chocolate candy since the 1850s. Chocolate candy with a hard exterior coating did not come into being until the early 1900s. The idea came from someone observing soldiers during the Spanish Civil War eating small pieces of chocolate that had a hard sugar shell on them. Today,colored chocolates are manufactured and sold under a variety of names. In addition to having the health benefits of the chocolate, there’s also some practical benefits to colored chocolates.
The hard exterior shell of colored chocolate candies functions as a protector for the delicious goodness encased in the shell. That helps prevent the chocolate from melting. Colored chocolate candies can be more easily transported as a snack or added to a trail mix or snack mix without you having to be as concerned with it melting. Colored chocolate balls are visually attractive. They can be an eye-catching feature on a party table. These lively, colorful confections are a fun treat for kids and adults. Nostalgic candies are timeless. Colored chocolate balls have certainly been around long enough to achieve the status of nostalgic candy. For many people, they bring back holiday memories or remembrances of Halloween fun, Easter celebrations or a simply a memorable childhood treat.

There’s more than one reason to reach for a snack. Sometimes, you need a snack to relieve annoying hunger pangs that occur between meals. There are also times when you reach for a snack because you’re bored or upset. In situations like that, chocolate is a good choice. Chocolate is an energizing snack, so possibly after eating a few handfuls of chocolate balls or a trail mix with colored chocolates in it, you’ll be motivated to get physically active. Chocolate can lift your mood and ease stress. That makes it an ideal snack to reach for when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed. It’s no secret that choosing the wrong type of snack can lead to weight gain. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is a good snack choice when one of your goals is to refrain from over-eating. Dark chocolate can make you feel full thereby reducing your urge to snack too often or to overeat at mealtime.

With the many fun and tasty ways there are to enjoy this wonderful candy, you’ll want buy colored chocolates wholesale so that you can keep your candy jar full. Making colored chocolate candies bulk buys around the holiday season, as part of your party plan or at Halloween is a budget-friendly, flavorful way to bring smiles to lots of faces.

How to Color Chocolate

The first step to making colored chocolate is to purchase a fresh, good quality bar or block of white chocolate. In addition to the white chocolate, you’ll need coloring. It’s best to purchase powder or oil-based food coloring. You will need to melt the chocolate in a double boiler and follow the instructions on the powdered or oil-based dye to know when to add the coloring to the chocolate. Add the coloring slowly and mix well before adding more coloring. Remove from heat and pour into molds. Let set until completely cool.