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Crystallized Ginger

Ginger is a widely cultivated herb that has been revered for its medicinal uses for over 5,000 years. Candied ginger is ginger root that has undergone a crystallization process. The crystallization process extends the shelf life of the ginger, makes it easy to store, diversifies its use and increases its portability. Today, crystallized ginger is sometimes eaten as a healthy alternative to candy. It can satisfy a sweet tooth while providing nutritional benefits that ordinary candy simply doesn’t provide. In addition to its sweetness, it has a perky spicyness that makes it an uplifting treat. Candied ginger is also used in a variety of ways to spice up culinary dishes. Crystallized ginger is a portable treat that you can tuck into a purse or backpack. It can be kept in a desk drawer or carried with you on a trip to assure that you have easy access to a remedy for nausea or motion sickness.

How to Crystallize Ginger

Sugar, ginger and water are the only ingredients needed to prepare crystallized ginger at home. You need to make what is known as a simple syrup which consists of equal parts water and sugar. You will need approximately 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water for each cup of peeled and sliced or chopped ginger that you want to crystallize. Bring the sugar and water to a boil and add the ginger pieces to the boiling water. Boil for about 20 minutes then strain the mixture. After straining, toss the mixture with some additional sugar to coat the pieces of ginger. The sugar will stick to the ginger making it easier to separate the individual pieces. The crystallized ginger can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature or in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.

Is Crystallized Ginger the Same as Candied Ginger?

Crystallized ginger, candied ginger, crystallized ginger candy and preserved ginger are the same thing. The terms are interchangeable. They are all pieces of ginger root that have been preserved with sugar.

Health Benefits of Dried Ginger

You may want to purchase wholesale crystallized ginger for the purpose of having plenty on hand to spice up recipes or to enjoy as a sweet treat. However, once you begin eating it regularly and discovering its medicinal benefits, you are likely to develop a whole new respect for this amazing spice. Almost everyone experiences some type of pain from time to time. One of the major health benefits of ginger is its ability to relieve pain. When eaten regularly, dried ginger can help relieve muscle pain and soreness. It can be effective in easing joint discomfort that stems from osteoarthritis. Ginger is also credited for relieving menstrual pain. Keeping dried ginger candy readily accessible can help you achieve quick relief from indigestion. Simply popping a piece of crystallized ginger in your mouth can ease the discomfort that accompanies indigestion. Another reason to make ginger a consistent part of your diet is that it supports heart health. Studies indicate that ginger can help maintain lower cholesterol levels. There are indications that a substance found in ginger called 6-gingerol can act as a cancer preventative. Ginger is quite effective in fighting numerous types of infections.

Gingerol, a Bioactive Compound With Medicinal Properties

Gingerol is a relative of capsaicin and piperine. Those are the two compounds that give chili peppers and black pepper their spicyness. Gingerols are the major constituents of fresh ginger. Gingerols exert a variety of pharmacological activities. When ginger is cooked, a transformation occurs in the Gingerol that reduces the pungent flavor of the ginger. On the other hand, when ginger is dried, a transformation occurs in the Gingerol that causes an increase in the pungency of the ginger. Ginger is credited for its effectiveness as an anticancer agent, an anti-inflammatory remedy and as an antioxidant and as a remedy for nausea.

Ginger is Effective in Relieving Nausea From a Variety of Causes

Ginger is an effective treatment for the relief of nausea in numerous situations. It is often used as a method of relieving morning sickness. It is also used to relieve car-related motion sickness and sea sickness. Patients have found ginger to ease or relieve bouts of nausea that occur following a surgical procedure or chemotherapy treatment. It’s a good idea to keep candied ginger on hand during the flu season because it can help ease flu-related nausea. You might want to carry a few pieces of candied ginger with you for those times when a food you eat doesn’t settle well on your stomach. Eating a piece of crystallized ginger can quickly soothe an upset stomach.

Ginger Benefits Memory and Aids and Boosts Brain Health

Long-term inflammation is linked to the development of Alzheimer’s. When you consider the anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger, you’ll likely want to purchase bulk candied ginger so that you can make it a regular part of your diet. Using crystallized ginger in a variety of ways is an easy, flavorful way to protect your memory. Studies show that ginger can improve cognition and memory. It can also help increase your attention span and improve your reaction time. You may buy crystallized ginger simply because you love its flavor, but you may develop an even higher respect for it knowing that ginger can improve your mood and help you think better.