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  • Cherry Gummy Rings

    1lb Bag - $2.69

    The bright white and red coloring of cherry gummy rings gives them a festive, refreshing appearance. The sprinkling of sugar on the rings make them an irresistible treat when your sweet tooth needs satisfying. Your palate will appreciate that these rings have a dual personality. Mingled in with that sweetness is an exciting, tart, tangy…

  • Fruit Gummies

    1lb Bag - $2.59

    A stupendous hodge-podge of colors, shapes and flavors are a reminder of how unexpectedly sensational diversity can be. Our fruit gummies are a feast for the eyes and a delight for the tastebuds. Their slightly squishy texture may bring out the kid in you making it impossible not to squeeze these sticky little treats before…

  • Gummy Animal Mix

    1lb Bag - $2.89

    Open a bag of of gummy animal mix and you'll find a multi-colored, cheerful mix of chewy gummy worms, bears and butterflies. Kids can eat their favorite gummies first or save them for last. They can trade one type of gummy for another when sharing packs with friends or parents. Gummies aren't just a snack,…

  • Gummy Apple Rings

    1lb Bag - $2.89

    These gummy apple rings are refreshing and enticing to look at and a delight to eat. You get what you hope for when you pop one in your mouth. First, there's a wonderful sweetness from the glistening sugar that's sprinkled on each ring. Then, your taste buds quickly become aware of the exciting fruit flavor…

  • Gummy Bears

    1lb Bag - $2.50

    Our gummy bears candy is a menagerie of irresistibly adorable, brightly colored, squishy and delightfully flavorful gummy bears. Just opening the bag and seeing the bears will make your inner child smile. Your kid's faces will light up when you give them these tasty bears for snack. Gummy candy is an ideal example of how…

  • Gummy Butterflies

    1lb Bag - $2.50

    Butterflies are often associated with transformation. These brilliantly colorful, translucent gummy butterflies can transform a so-so day into an oh-so fanciful day. Sweet, chewy candy is not an age-specific treat. Meticulously choosing one colorful piece at a time, popping it into your mouth and savoring both the flavor and the experience can brighten your mood.

  • Gummy Fish

    1lb Bag - $2.50

    It doesn't matter if you eat gummy fish one by one according to color or toss a handful of mixed colors in your mouth, the result is an amazingly flavorful experience that you'll want to repeat over and over again. These chewy, squeezable little fish are a fun party treat. They're also a good choice…

  • Gummy Peach Rings

    1lb Bag - $2.59

    This colorful gems are indeed just peachy. Our gummy peach rings are full of wonderfully sweet and fruity flavor. Their color combination and shimmering sugar coating make them an attractive addition to a party table. As with all of our gummies, these rings have the chewy goodness that you expect to find when you bite…

  • Gummy Red Raspberries

    1lb Bag - $2.50

    There's a burst of flavor waiting for you when you pop one of these bumpy little gems into your mouth. Gummy red raspberries are a perfect size treat for little hands. Their bright red color makes them an ideal party table treat whether it's the holidays or summer celebrations. Freeze the gummies and you'll have…

  • Gummy Worms

    1lb Bag - $2.40

    Gummy worms candy is a fun, yum-o-licious snack. You can use these wriggly, squishy colorful candy worms to make an ordinary dessert lots more fun. Use them as a party treat, a reward for your kids, a road trip snack or a lunch box surprise. Delightful gummy candy encourages adults and kids to play with…

  • Neon Gummy Worms

    1lb Bag - $2.60

    These neon gummy worms are proof that unabashed fun can be found in some of the most unexpected places. Stretchy, tasty, colorful neon gummy worms are a delightful treat for kids and for adults who like to indulge their inner child from time to time. Satisfy a sweet tooth and have some family or individual…

  • Sour Gummy Bears

    1lb Bag - $2.60

    These sparkly gems pack a punch of flavor. Pop one, or more, into your mouth and your taste buds will immediately awaken. Any time is party time when you have these colorful sour gummy bears just waiting to delight you. Kids and adults can enjoy a change from sweet treats from time to time and…

  • Sour Gummy Worms

    1lb Bag - $2.60

    Colorful, flavor and just plain fun, these sour gummy worms will excite your taste buds. Keep a jar of them on your kitchen counter to brighten up the room and to make them accessible to the family. Incorporate them into desserts, pack them in a lunch box or simply cater to your inner child and…

  • Sugar Free Gummy Bears

    1lb Bag - $5.99

    These sugar free gummy bears enable you to enjoy the variety of flavors and brilliant colors that make gummy bears such a popular, fun treat, even if you’re on a sugar free diet. Eat them meticulously and selectively one exciting flavor at a time or pop a handful of these tasty chewy delights in your…

  • Sugar free gummy butterflies may be one of the best ways to brighten up the day. Just their stunning assortment of colors can lift someone’s spirit. Their chewy texture and burst of flavor can shake up your taste buds. Kids and adults can enjoy the immense pleasure these flavorful little butterflies provide.

Gummies are a delightful, gelatin based, chewy candy that children and adults enjoy. Gourmet gummies such as fruit flavored gummy rings add color to a party table. A child’s birthday table can be brightened up with a collection of glass bowls containing fun shaped gummies for everyone to enjoy.

Bulk gummies can be purchased for occasions such as Halloween, any child’s party, or most holiday events. Sour gummies will wake up your taste buds. Gourmet gummies can be purchased online in large quantities so that you will have plenty available to enjoy yourself and to share with others.

Several flavors of bulk gummies can be purchased at and packaged up as Halloween treats or stocking stuffers. You can even use the gummy rings to make edible decorations for a Christmas tree centerpeice for your holiday table.

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