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At, we have over 200 varieties of nuts and dried fruit and over 30 signature mixes for you to choose from when shopping with us. We offer excellent pricing on products that are ordered in small quantities such as 1 to 4 bags. Our pricing becomes even more budget friendly when you increase the quantity of your order to 10 bags or more. We are nuts wholesalers and dried fruit wholesalers. That designation allows us to offer you the opportunity to order our products by the case. All that individual customers have to do to receive wholesale pricing is to choose the case option when ordering. No further action is required and your discount is already in place.

If you are planning to use some of our products to serve at a party or to give away at a special event, wholesale pricing can be very beneficial to your budget. Also, once you’ve found that some of our signature mixes, high quality nuts, dried fruit and sweet treats have become family favorites or a personal favorite, you might want to order those items by the case so that you can frugally stock your pantry and keep everyone happy.

To accommodate retail and wholesale groups of customers, we are offering the bottom line prices for individual bags and bulk cases. We guarantee the lowest price.

Additional product discounts will be reviewed on an individual basis with a minimum of 1 pallet per item. Please contact us if you are considering ordering over 1 pallet (approximately 2000 lbs) of any single item.

For additional information please contact us by phone 1-773-754-9707, or via email