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In 1973, Gregory Piatigorsky opened a small nut store in Philadelphia. Today, Nutstop.com is a nationwide resource for nuts and dry fruits wholesale as well as a resource for a variety of snacks and chocolates. Providing quality products and offering the best value to our customers continues to be our priority. As a dry fruit wholesaler, we use only the finest produce from around the globe. To achieve the commendable status we desire as a nuts supplier, our roasting is done in-house using our unique recipe. In addition to the nuts, fruits and candies we sell, we have an extensive collection of signature mixes that we created ourselves. To assure that our customer’s needs are met, we offer over 200 varieties of nuts and dried fruit and over 50 signature mixes. To further accommodate our customers, we offer over 15 different packaging options, one of which is a triple layer, resealable bag that assures maximum freshness.

We offer our customers a palatable way to incorporate into their diet many of the essential vitamins and nutrients the body needs to function at its optimum level. Each variety of nut that we have available has its own distinct aroma, flavor and texture. Our products can be helpful to you if you’re looking for a heart-healthy snack, concerned about lowering your cholesterol level or have digestive issues that need addressing. If you’re simply looking for a fantastic snack idea or a way to elevate the flavor and nutritional value of your favorite recipes, as dried fruits and nuts wholesalers we can accommodate your needs. In addition to being dried fruit and nuts suppliers, we are also wholesale bulk candy suppliers. When those special occasions and holidays come around and you need a resource for a variety of candies, you can depend on us to provide the candy supplies you need to make your party or special event delightful and delicious.

We attribute our success to the passion we have for our products and the concern we have for our customers. Repeat customers make up 80% of our daily orders. We believe it is our dedication to providing the finest and freshest products and delivering the best value that generates loyal, devoted customers. We invite you to join our family and our customers and experience the many tantalizing, healthy, nutritious and delicious products we have available.

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