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  • Cherry Granola Mix

    1lb Bag - $4.49

    Our cherry granola mix has a lot to offer. It's a flavorful combination of sweet vanilla flavoring, delightfully tart dried cherries and brown sugar sweetened oats. The addition of coconut adds a tropical flair to the mix and almonds provide a little crunch. This granola mix has such diversity that it can easily become a…

  • Chocolate Banana Granola

    1lb Bag - $3.99

    Don’t be fooled by the name of this product. Yes, chocolate banana granola does feature a highly popular flavor combination, but it also has lots more to offer. Cherries, coconut, almonds and a hint of aromatic vanilla flavoring are mixed in to elevate the deliciousness of this snack to a level you might not have…

  • Cranberry Granola

    1lb Bag - $3.99

    Cranberry granola is an appealing blend of oats, sliced almonds and dried fruit. Dried cranberries and dried cherries add a vibrant, distinctly tart flavor to the mix. This granola is so delicious you’ll have to remind yourself that not only is it sumptuous, it’s an ideal accompaniment to a health conscious eating plan.

  • Granola Breakfast Blend

    1lb Bag - $4.49

    Our granola breakfast blend is too tasty to be reserved for just one purpose. Once you experience the flavorful mixture of oats, buttery tasting crunchy almonds, exotic coconut and tart dried cherries that have been enhanced by the addition of aromatic vanilla, tantalizing cinnamon and a hint of salt, you'll look for occasions throughout the…

  • Granola Energy Mix

    1lb Bag - $3.99

    When your body needs a jump start in the morning or you’re being annoyed by the afternoon slump, our granola energy mix gives you the jolt you need. Our healthy granola mixture is enhanced with a diverse combination of flavors such as tart dried cherries, almonds, sweet coconut, luscious vanilla flavoring, tasty and colorful chocolate…

  • Granola Mix Happy Heart

    1lb Bag - $4.49

    There's a double benefit to our granola mix happy heart. The almonds, walnuts and cashews are known to be heart healthy foods. When combined with delicious aromatic vanilla and cinnamon and tangy tart dried cherries the flavor of this granola mix can metaphorically make your heart smile. This mix can excite your taste buds and…

  • Granola Traditional

    1lb Bag - $3.99

    Our granola traditional mix provides a multi-sensory experience. The dried cherries will grab the attention of your taste buds. Sweet, chewy coconut brings a sweet tropical flair to the mix. The ever-popular flavor and distinctive crunch of almonds provides texture and the comforting taste and aroma of vanilla is just obvious enough to notice without…

  • Hi-Energy Granola Trail Mix

    1lb Bag - $3.99

    The unique flavor of this hi-energy granola trail mix is very likely the reason it places high on our best seller list. You'll find an incredibly diverse mix of textures and flavors in this assortment of peanuts, raisins, carob chips, sunflower kernels and more. Enjoy this as a "pick-me-up" afternoon snack or as an energizing…

  • Tropical Granola

    1lb Bag - $3.99

    The myriad of colors in our tropical granola gives you a visual hint of what your palate is about to experience. All of the tropical flavors you anticipate are immediately noticeable in this delectable mixture. The hint of vanilla, cinnamon and salt add to the deliciousness of the mix. This granola blend adds an exotic…