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Bulk Semi-Sweet Chocolate

Wholesale Chocolate From a Nationwide Supplier

Buying Wholesale

Many foodservice businesses frequently use chocolate. Anytime you are purchasing large quantities of recipe ingredients or garnishes to be used at any type of foodservice establishment, buying in the most economical way is good for your profit margin. As wholesale chocolate suppliers, we are a reliable resource that’s able to supply a good quality product at a wholesale price. We offer you the opportunity to purchase multiple products to reach the minimum amount necessary to qualify for our wholesale price. You may find it helpful to be able to create an order that includes bulk semi-sweet chocolate chunks, bulk chocolate chips and large quantities of other items such as carob chips, yogurt chips and sugar-free chocolate chips. In addition to the varieties of chocolate we have available, we also have a diverse selection of nuts, dried fruits and candy that can be purchased at wholesale prices.

Small Businesses

Careful budgeting is essential if you are an independent small business owner. If you own a bakery or catering business, a large portion of your operating business is most likely related to the purchasing of recipe ingredients. With chocolate being a popular ingredient in bakery items, buying wholesale chocolate is your most economical way to acquire the supply of chocolate you need. We have many of the ingredients you need to prepare baked goods available at wholesale prices. Chocolate chunks and chocolate chips are popular ingredients in trail mixes and granola. If you offer items such as this for sale at a bakery or market, it would be financially advantageous for you to purchase the ingredients at wholesale prices.

If you are an entrepreneur operating a business that packages and resales candy, buying wholesale chocolate is a frugal way to purchase large amounts of chocolate to resell. We offer you the option of buying a single product in quantities that meet the wholesale price requirement or buying multiple products to qualify for the wholesale price.