Dry Mango

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  • Dried Chili Mango

    1lb Bag - $3.99

    Spice up your life with exiting dried chili mango. The brilliant color of these dried fruit slices is a visual hint as to how invigorating their flavor is. A tantalizing blend of sweet mango flavor, chili flavor and a light sprinkling of sugar creates a palatable treat that is great as a snack or as…

  • Dried Mango

    1lb Bag - $3.99

    Vibrant orange-colored dried mango slices add a full-bodied tropical flavor to desserts, trail mixes and baked goods. Their exotic sweetness, refreshing fruity flavor and soft, chewy goodness make them a delightful and popular snack for kids and adults. Eating these tasty slices might help banish the winter blues by mentally transporting you to a warm…

  • Dried Mango Diced

    1lb Bag - $3.99

    Dried mango diced is a convenient way to enliven any of your homemade snack mixes. There's a sprinkling of sugar on these bits of mango that gives them a beautiful shimmer. They look stunning as a topping on salads or desserts. Use them as an edible adornment on a party table. They can bring a…

  • Low Sugar Dried Mango

    1lb Bag - $4.19

    Naturally sweet, with a vibrant color that nature provides, these low sugar dried mango slices can be the star ingredient in a tropical flavored trail mix or fruit and nut mixture that you prepare at home. Add them to a salad or dessert to make them more flavorful and exotic. They're an ideal way to…