Yogurt Covered Nuts & Fruits

Dried Yogurt Covered Dried Fruit (Cranberries, Raisins) and Nuts (Almonds, Peanuts)

Benefits of Dry Yogurt

Yogurt has become a popular, healthy snack choice. It is revered for its probiotics that help support digestive health. Yogurt is also a source of calcium which helps build and maintain strong bones. Eating yogurt by the spoonful is not the only way to enjoy the deliciousness of yogurt. Dried yogurt expands the versatility of yogurt and enables you to enjoy yogurt snacks in a portable, tasty manner. The method in which yogurt is dried can have some effect on the number of active cultures it retains. It’s easy to freeze-dry yogurt either in drop form or in a solid sheet to break apart and use in a variety of ways. Dry yogurt, in either form will keep for a longer time than a carton of yogurt.

Yogurt and Nuts

Yogurt covered nuts are a delicious, satisfying treat. When you make coated almonds, cashews or peanuts your snack choice, you’ll be getting the nutritional benefits from the nuts and the palate-pleasing sweetness of the yogurt coating. Raw almonds are one of the most popular varieties of nuts. Almonds also rank high on the list of most popular yogurt covered nuts. The hardened coating simply adds an additional level crunchiness to the already crunchy, buttery-tasting almonds. Uniquely-shaped cashews are often thought of as one of the most decadent nuts. A smooth yogurt coating not only enhances their buttery flavor, it add luxuriousness to the cashews appearance. Peanuts are a classic, timeless snack. When it is given a yogurt coating, it is transformed from a humble, game night snack to a luscious party table favorite. You don’t have to get stressed out over trying to find a special occasion or holiday gift for friends or family. An assortment of yogurt covered nuts makes an impressive gift to give to an individual or to an entire family.

Yogurt and Dried Fruit

When you combine yogurt with dried fruit, you get a tantalizing, nutritious, treat. Yogurt covered dried fruit features a unique pairing of tartness and sweetness that can delight and awaken your taste buds. Ranking high on the list of popular yogurt covered fruit is raisins. This small wrinkled fruit is transformed into a smooth, attractive snack when coated with yogurt. The slightly tart flavor of dry cranberries balanced out by the sweetness of a yogurt covering is a flavor combination that is unique, irresistible and habit-forming. Yogurt covered dried fruit provides both nutrition and snack craving satisfaction. You can delight your taste buds by creating a snack mix that features a combination of dried fruit and yogurt covered dried fruit. The smooth, luscious yogurt coating makes ay dried fruit an attractive addition to a party table. Guests will be impressed by its appearance and awed by its flavor. Yogurt covered fruit is somewhat of an indulgent treat that you can enjoy when you need a mood-lifting snack, a snack to satisfy your sweet tooth or when you want a special treat to celebrate a special event or occurrence.

Yogurt Covered Snacks

Powdered dried yogurt can transform some ordinary snack foods into extraordinary treats. One of the best examples of how a coating of yogurt can elevate the level of sophistication a snack exudes is yogurt covered pretzels. Pretzels are frequently served at parties and at game night gatherings. They fit well with any casual event. However, for special occasions and a holiday table or party table, yogurt covered pretzels are more impressive. Tri-colored pretzel nibs have the versatility to blend in well with casual gatherings or special occasions. They’re a fun, flavorful snack that kids and adults can enjoy. This tri-color mixture would be a perfect accompaniment to a snack table that includes yogurt covered fruit and yogurt coated nuts. One other great snack idea is yogurt drops. These cute little tidbits of goodness are a big hit with kids. Adults can mix them into a trail mix or grab a few handfuls to satisfy a craving for something sweet. They can also be used in a variety of culinary ways.