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Bulk Trail Mix

Wholesale Trail Mix From a Nationwide Supplier

Buy Trail Mix in Bulk

We have a large selection of trail mixes for you to explore. At first, you might choose to order a small quantity to see how well you like the flavor combination. Once you’ve found your favorites, you can save yourself some money and time by ordering bulk trail mix. When stored in a cool, dry place, trail mix has a long shelf life. When you buy trail mix varieties your family loves, you can package the mixes up in various size bags to have on hand as a convenient, healthy, anytime snack. If your house is the after school or weekend gathering place for your kid’s friends, trail mixes can quickly disappear from your pantry shelf. If you live an active lifestyle that includes trips to the gym, biking, hiking or other physical activities, energizing trail mixes are a good snack. We have trial mixes with items that specifically target dietary concerns. If you’re on a weight loss diet, our low calorie and weight control trail mixes will assure you have delicious snacks to enjoy without breaking your diet. If you love spicy snacks, bulk buys of our spicy Sriracha trail and Crazy Cajun would be great snacks to stock up on without breaking your budget. There are many other specific trail mix blends for you to choose from. Some of our blends contain just nuts while some are a mix of nuts and dried fruit. Trail mixes containing healthy dark chocolate are a healthy way to satisfy a craving for chocolate.

There are several occasions or circumstances when you might want to buy trail mix in bulk. If you’re in charge of purchasing snacks for the office breakroom, buying large quantities of various trail mix blends is a budget-friendly way to provide a diverse selection of snacks for the employees. If you’re in charge of refreshments for a club or any type of meeting where refreshments will be served, bulk trail mix is a frugal snack choice. It doesn’t take long to package the trail mix into individual bags so that people can select a bag with the mix they prefer. If you’re planning a party, buying bulk trail mix should be at the top of your planning checklist. Trail mix is great for almost any party table.

Buying Wholesale Trail Mix

If you’re in charge of purchasing snacks for a large event such as stocking the refreshment booth at a sporting event, buying wholesale trail mix is an economical way to stock up on a highly popular snack. Buy trail mix wholesale is the most frugal way to purchase mixes for a food service business.