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Stock up on Corn Nuts

For clarification purposes, corn nuts aren’t nuts. They are corn kernels. Per serving, corn nuts are a relatively low-calorie snack. If you are eating a calorie-conscious diet, be sure to observe portion control when eating corn nuts. One way to enjoy them in moderation is to mix them with healthy, low-calorie snacks to create a personal snack mix that you’re sure to enjoy. Using them as a topping on a salad is another way to enjoy crunchy corn nuts in moderation. We have bulk corn nuts available in a variety of flavors. When you make corn nuts bulk buys of different varieties you can put them in containers in a pantry or kitchen cabinet where you have easy access to them. Either store them in clear airtight containers or label the containers you use so you’ll know at a glance what’s inside. This will save you time whenever you’re preparing homemade snack mixes or looking for the flavor of corn nuts you want to toss in a lunch box, backpack or purse.

If you or members of your family like spicy snacks, be sure to stock up on spicy corn nuts with paprika, lemon and sea salt for a unique, tantalizing snack. BBQ corn nuts and Cajun corn nut sticks chili lemon seasoning can satisfy a craving for a crunchy snack that will wake up the tastebuds. For family members that don’t like snacks with a kick to them, roasted corn nuts, toasted corn nuts or cheese corn nuts are varieties they are most likely to enjoy. Making corn nuts bulk buys can be both a frugal and convenient way to purchase party snacks. Guests at your party can choose from spicy flavors or the earthy flavors of roasted and toasted corn nuts. Cheese flavored snacks are always a hit at any party. Corn nuts have a simplistic, rustic appearance that makes them compatible with a party table that features all types of nuts, dried fruit, cheese and specialty crackers.

Wholesale Corn Nuts

We have corn nuts in a variety of flavor options. You can purchase one flavor of corn nuts wholesale or combine several varieties in your wholesale order. When buying in large quantities for a food service business, buying corn nuts wholesale is the most economical way to include corn nuts in your inventory.