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Never Run Out of Sunflower Seeds

There’s more than one reason to buy bulk sunflower seeds. If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of disappointment that comes when you head to the snack rack or vending machine to buy a tasty bag of sunflower seeds and discover someone else beat you to the last one, you’ll understand the value of keeping a supply on hand at home. Bulk sunflower seeds are available in the shell or shelled. You can also purchase salted and unsalted roasted sunflower seeds and spicy sunflower seeds in bulk. All it takes is a little time to package these up in snack size bags to store on the pantry shelf so that everyone in your household can grab a bag on their way out the door.

Another reason to buy bulk sunflower seeds is their versatility. Having a supply on hand allows you to include these beneficial seeds in lots of recipes, especially homemade trail mixes, snack mixes, granola and cereal mixes. If you like things a little hot, spicy sunflower seeds can heat up a snack mix in a palate-pleasing way. When the budget is tight, sunflower seeds can be used as a frugal alternative to nuts. People with a nut allergy can still enjoy recipes that originally called for nuts if sunflower seeds are used as a substitute ingredient. Sunflower seeds add a nutty flavor so the substitution may go unnoticed. The ways to include sunflower seeds in your diet is limited only by your imagination. When you have a bulk supply of sunflower seeds you can let your creativity run wild.

More is Best

Buying wholesale sunflower seeds is an economical way to purchase these seeds if you plan to use them on a large scale. Whether you own a large restaurant, a small local bakery or neighborhood ice cream shop, buying wholesale sunflower seeds is the most cost-effective way to purchase them. Typically, raw sunflower seeds are used in most recipes. However, if you plan to offer sunflower seeds as a topping for salads, you might want to consider offering customers the options of raw, roasted or spicy.