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Keep Sesame Sticks on Hand

Don’t let the visual appearance of sesame sticks lead you to believe they are a mundane snack. Honey roasted sesame sticks can be just the snack you need when you’re wanting a sweet treat. You can mix them into a trail mix for added sweetness but their usefulness extends beyond being a snack mix ingredient. These tasty sticks can be crushed up a bit and used as a topping for desserts, cereal or oatmeal. Garlic sesame sticks add a totally different flavor to a snack mix. If you’re having a salad with your spaghetti or lasagna dinner, a sprinkling of crushed garlic sesame sticks is a unique addition to the meal. Sesame sticks are a source of calcium, potassium, vitamin B-6 and zinc. Buying bulk sesame sticks is a frugal way to stock your pantry with a snack you can enjoy alone or as part of a homemade snack mix. Sesame sticks are a convenient snack to stash in a desk drawer, locker, backpack, purse or lunch bag. If you typically eat a snack while working, sesame sticks are a mess-free snack. The size of these sticks makes them an ideal finger-food for kids. Sesame sticks don’t have as many health benefits as some other snacks but they add a unique texture and flavor to healthy homemade trail mix.

Party guests will be delighted to see different flavors of sesame sticks among the other items on the table. When you buy bulk sesame sticks, you’ll have plenty to serve in individual bowls or add to snack mixes you serve at the party. You may also want to use a couple of sticks as a garnish for a bowl of ice cream.

Buying Wholesale Sesame Sticks

Buying wholesale sesame sticks is the most economical option if you are buying for a food service business. You can purchase a variety of sesame stick flavors to fulfill the quantity necessary for wholesale pricing.