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Buying Recipe Ingredients in Bulk

Whenever you’re doing bulk cooking, whether as a job or for a large event, making bulk purchases of the basic ingredients you need is a frugal and convenient way to shop. If you own a bakery or prepare baked goods at home to sell independently or at a local market, buying items such as almond flour, flax seed and chia seed in bulk can increase your profits. If you have adopted a health-conscious diet that includes beneficial items such as flax seed and chia seeds, buying in bulk may be the best option for you. Take a few minutes to calculate how often you buy these seeds and how much you pay for small amounts to determine if bulk buying would be more frugal for you. Chia seeds have a long shelf life. They can be used in so many ways that you shouldn’t have any trouble using a bulk amount of them. If you share your home with a dog, you can include chia seeds in their diet. Chia seeds have numerous health benefits for dogs. If you think a bulk buy of chia seeds or flax seed might be too much for you, ask a friend to join in on the purchase and divide the seeds between you.

Buying Beans Wholesale

If you do bulk cooking for a business such as an independently managed daycare or senior center, buying wholesale beans and peas is a frugal way to prepare nutritional meals. Beans and peas are a good source of fiber and protein. They help support the digestive system and have many other health benefits. If your church or club plans to have a meal as a fundraiser, beans are a frugal side dish to include with the meal.

Bean mix in a jar, soup mix in a jar and Cajun dirty rice mix in a jar are great gift ideas. Preparing mixes to sell in a jar is also a great craft project for any type of fundraiser. Buying wholesale beans for these projects is most definitely the most economical purchasing option.