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Benefits of Buying Almonds in Bulk

Almonds are the most frequently eaten tree nut. If you are someone that contributes to the popularity of almonds, purchasing almonds in cases rather than individual bags is a frugal way to enjoy your favorite nut. Almonds are not a seasonal nut. Whether eaten raw, roasted, blanched, salted or unsalted, almonds are a tasty treat any time of the year. Not only is buying bulk almonds a budget-friendly experience it can also be time-saving for you. Ordering in bulk saves time because you don’t have to order as frequently. Almonds have a long shelf life when stored in a cool, dry place. Keeping them in a clear or labeled airtight container assures you always have a healthy, grab and go snack available.

Buying bulk slivered almonds and sliced almonds is a convenient time-saver when incorporating this healthy nut into a variety of recipes. Almonds are a flavorful and healthy way to enhance salads, desserts and side dishes. Whether you’re living a low carb lifestyle or focused on healthy eating, a case of almond flour is a frugal way to stock the pantry with this healthy recipe ingredient.

Almonds for Special Events

If you’re hosting a party, having friends over for game night or in charge of refreshments at a social or workplace meeting, buying wholesale almonds is a great way to keep your expenses down. Chocolate covered almonds, cocoa almonds, limoncello almonds and yogurt covered almonds elevate the elegance of a party table. Raw, roasted, salted and unsalted almonds are sure to disappear quickly form any party table. Almonds are a crowd favorite whether you’re having a pool party in the summer or a holiday gathering in winter. When you buy almonds in bulk you can package them in small, decorative bags to give as party favors. To accommodate guests requiring sugar-free snacks, you can purchase cases of sugar free chocolate covered almonds and sugar free chocolate almond butter toffee.