Deluxe Mixed Nuts Roasted Unsalted Gift Tray

There’s something extra special about the deluxe mixed nuts roasted unsalted gift tray. The roasting process enhances the buttery sweetness of nuts such as pistachios and cashews. It intensifies the earthy, nutty flavor of almonds and pecans. Roasting essentially makes nuts more flavorful. This collection is comprised of roasted unsalted nuts making them a great gift idea for friends and family that want or need to limit their salt intake.

About 2 lbs.

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Roasted Filberts Unsalted, Roasted UnSalted Pistachios, Roasted Pecans Unsalted, Roasted Brazil Nuts Unsalted, Roasted Unsalted Cashews Jumbo 240, Roasted Unsalted Almonds.