Have a Sweet, Nutty, Fruity, Fun-Filled Summer

Have a Sweet, Nutty, Fruity, Fun-Filled Summer

Summer begins in June and so does the array of fun, summer time activities. Summer parties with a tropical theme are very popular. You can create a variety of exotic, tropical flavored homemade ice creams using dried fruit. You may need to plump the dried fruit in juice, rum, or boiling water before adding it to your ice cream recipe. When having an ice cream party, you can place an assortment of nuts on the table so that guests can choose their favorite to sprinkle on the ice cream. You could also provide a bowl of gummies for children to enjoy with their ice cream.

Father’s Day is June 19th. Gift trays with your father’s favorite variety of nuts or chocolate candy would be an excellent way to make your Dad happy.

Summer time often means travel time. Car trips to a vacation destination can be a little more enjoyable if you carry along some healthy, pre-packaged snacks for both the adults and the children in the car. If you plan to travel often, you might want to consider buying dried fruit, nuts, and chocolates to mix together to create individualized snack packs.

For many people, summer brings about an increase in outdoor activity. If you enjoy camping, hiking, or biking during the summer, you probably take some type of snack with you. Pre-packaged trail mix is a healthy, energizing, very portable snack to stash in your backpack. If you prefer, you can buy trail mix ingredients that satisfy your taste buds and make a personalized mixture to carry with you.

Summer time is party time. However, you may not want to use up a lot of your free time preparing food for an outdoor party. You can quickly and easily fill a portion of the party table with bowls of nuts, dried fruit, and candy. Granola bars and cookies with dried fruit are fast and simple to make. Recipes can easily be found online and in many cookbooks.

Summer clothing and swimsuits make us more aware of our bodies. Low calorie snacks can help you lose weight or maintain whatever you consider to be your ideal weight. Keeping 100 calorie snack packs readily available in your car, at the office, and at home makes it easy to control your calorie consumption and keep looking good in your summer wardrobe.