Frugal Summertime Fun

Frugal Summertime Fun

The traditional summer vacation may not be in the budget for many of us this summer. There’s a big push toward spending your summer vacation time in your hometown or state. Day trips and “staycations” are two of the more popular choices of summertime activity this year. But, regardless of whether you vacation at home, near home, or far away from home, there is always food involved.

Eating out while traveling can be one of your larger expenses. You can reduce the amount of money you spend on meals and snacks by preparing them at home and taking them with you. Buying snacks and other food items at a wholesale price is a budget friendly way to shop.

Trail mix is a snack that travels well to almost any vacation destination. You have a large selection of prepared trail mixes to select from that can be bought at a wholesale price. You may be thinking that a bulk purchase is too much for your summertime needs. That’s not a problem at all. Once you return to work and the kids return to school, that trail mix can be packed in a lunch bag and eaten as a snack during the day or after school. And, of course it can always be part of your fun weekend adventures.

Ice cream and summer are a perfect match. If a birthday party is in your summer plans, most likely, ice cream is on the party menu. You can purchase nuts, dried fruit, and candy in bulk at a wholesale price. Set up an assortment of toppings for an ice cream bar and let your guests create a delicious personalized treat. You may discover some absolutely delicious mixtures of flavors that you will want to enjoy often. Dark chocolate covered cherries mixed with vanilla bean ice cream is just one example of the luxurious combination of flavors you can create. Milk chocolate peanut pokies are an ideal add-in for color and flavor. Children might enjoy topping their bowl of ice cream with some fruit flavored gummies.

While enjoying those cold, crisp summer salads, don’t forget the added flavor that cashews, peanuts, and sunflower seeds can give a salad. For a real burst of unexpected, unique flavor, sprinkle a few spicy hot sunflower seeds on your next summer salad. After all summertime is the perfect time to be a little nutty.