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Stock up on Licorice

Licorice is not an age-specific treat. The face of an adult can light up just like the face of a child at the sight of licorice. If you’re the person responsible for stocking the pantry or cabinet with snack items, licorice candy should be one of the items you purchase regularly. It is both frugal and convenient to purchase bulk licorice candy. Australian red licorice and Australian black licorice are portable snacks. Pack them as a take-along snack on a road trip, hiking or camping adventure or on a long bike ride. Snack bags filled with licorice travel well in a backpack, lunch bag, purse or pocket. Licorice isn’t messy to eat. It’s great for kids and as a snack to eat while working. Australian red licorice has a sweet tangy taste that can excite the tastebuds and brighten your mood. Australian black licorice has a pleasantly sweet taste. It’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t like overly sweet snacks. The convenience, popularity and deliciousness of licorice candy aren’t the only reasons for stocking up on this fun treat. From a health perspective, licorice is a low fat, low sodium and low cholesterol food that fits well into a healthy eating plan.

Anytime you’re buying items for a party table, bulk licorice is an item you’ll want to put on the shopping list. It looks great on any party table. Unlike lots of other sweet treats, licorice won’t become a melted mess at your summer parties. Licorice allsorts are a delightful treat for your family and party guests. Visually, they are uplifting and colorful. The lemon, orange and black currant flavors of licorice allsorts are unique and palate-pleasing. If you buy bulk licorice for a party, you can fill party favor bags with licorice that guests can take home with them. That’s sort of like sending them home will a bag of smiles.

Wholesale Licorice

As wholesale licorice suppliers we offer you the opportunity to purchase licorice candy as a single product or as part of a multiple wholesale order. This is a budget-friendly way to make purchases if you’re buying for the foodservice industry. It’s also a good way to increase your profits if you’re buying for a business that purchases large quantities of candy to package and resale.