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Bulk Dried Tangerines

Wholesale Dried Tangerines From a Nationwide Supplier

Add Dried Tangerines to your Pantry

A bowl of fresh tangerines is attractive and enticing. However, it’s not always easy to find delicious fresh tangerines and their shelf life isn’t incredibly long. Fresh tangerines are portable but can also be a little messy. They’re not the ideal on-the-go snack. On the other hand, dried tangerines are a snack that offers the ideal balance of sweetness and tanginess without the messiness. Due to their long shelf life, you can buy bulk dried tangerines to keep on hand to use in a variety of ways. Kids and adults enjoy munching on tangerine wedges whenever they crave a sweet, chewy treat. Whether added as wedges or chopped up a bit, dried tangerine pieces add a refreshing citrusy punch to a trail mix. When you discover how dried tangerines can enhance the flavor of chicken, beef or fish dishes, you’ll want to frugally buy bulk dried tangerines so that you can explore their diverse uses. Like most dried fruits, tangerine wedges can be used in baked goods and as a topping for everything from oatmeal to salads. The low sugar content of dried tangerines increases their diversity and makes them a good snack choice for anyone on a health-diet.

When you buy bulk dried tangerines, you will have a good supply for snack bags and for exploring new ways to enhance recipes. Tangerine salt is easy to make. You can use it to elevate the flavor of some of your regular recipes and impress your family and friends with your creativity. Having plenty of tangerine wedges makes it easy to grab a few to toss in a snack bag just before heading out the door to work, school, the gym, a bike ride or other activity. The size of the wedges makes them an ideal snack for kids and adults to eat on the go.

Buying Wholesale

If you are a buyer for the food services industry, buying wholesale dried tangerines is your most economical purchasing option. If you are buying dried fruits to prepare large quantities of a snack mix to resell in snack bags, wholesale purchases are best for your bottom line expenses.