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Bulk Dried Kiwi Fruit

Dried Kiwi Wholesale From a Nationwide Supplier

Add Some Color to Your Snacks with Dried Kiwi

Quite often, children and adults base their first impression of food on its visual appearance. With that thought in mind, just imagine how eye-catching dried kiwi would be when placed on a pantry shelf. Bright green dried kiwi is cheerful in appearance and its delightfully sweet and somewhat tangy flavor can be habit-forming. A frugal way to stock your pantry with this quirky little fruit is to buy bulk dried kiwi fruit. Adding dried kiwi to your array of healthy snack options can be beneficial to the whole family. Dried kiwi is a good source of iron, calcium and antioxidants. It is a fat-free food. Dried kiwi is an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium. When you add dried kiwi to your array of snack options, the whole family can benefit.

Dried kiwi slices are a delicious treat on their own. Dicing the slices or simply cutting them into halves or quarters makes them an ideal size for adding to a trail mix. Dried kiwi doesn’t have the diversity that many dried fruits have. However, it’s an item you don’t want to deprive yourself or your family of enjoying. Since it’s budget-friendly to buy bulk dried kiwi fruit, you might want to join up with friends or family to share the kiwi. You and some of your friends, co-workers, exercise partners or other parents could get together and prepare a bulk order of several types of healthy snack foods and divide the cost and the products.

Buying Wholesale

Buying dried kiwi wholesale is the most cost-effective way to stock a restaurant kitchen or to acquire dried kiwi to use at an ice cream or yogurt shop. If you have a catering business and include dried kiwi in some of your recipes or on party trays, buying dried kiwi wholesale would be beneficial to your profit.