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Bulk Chocolate Malt Balls

Wholesale Chocolate Malt Balls From a Nationwide Supplier

Stock up on Chocolate Malt Balls

Chances are you haven’t considered stocking up on chocolate malt balls. You may think of them as a holiday candy rather than a year-round treat. However, there’s plenty of reasons to give chocolate malt balls a designated place in your pantry. Making chocolate malt balls bulk buys during the holiday season is a frugal and convenient way to have this nostalgic candy on hand to use in various ways. When you buy in bulk, you’ll have a sufficient supply to use to create gift bags for those on your Christmas list. Chocolate malt balls are popular with children. They’re a nostalgic treat for adults and seniors. When you make chocolate malt balls bulk buys, you’ll have a fantastic item for a party table during the holidays and at other parties throughout the year. You can offer your guests milk chocolate malt balls and the more decadent dark chocolate variety.

If you’re looking for a snack that will satisfy your craving for something sweet yet fit into a low sodium, low cholesterol diet, chocolate malt balls are a good choice. Chocolate malt balls are a source of iron, calcium and fiber. Those covered with dark chocolate also provide beneficial antioxidants. They are a good snack to have on hand to eat when you want a sweet treat at home or when you need a snack to take with you as you rush out the door. When you buy chocolate malt balls in bulk, you can get creative with ways to use them. Chocolate malt balls have a slightly nutty flavor and a hint of caramel can also be detected as you savor them. You can crush them and use them to garnish ice cream, pudding or frozen yogurt. You can sprinkle crushed chocolate malt balls on top of a cake to add a slight crunchiness and a surprisingly unique flavor to the icing.

Buy Wholesale

If you are a buyer for food services or the owner of a bakery, buying wholesale chocolate malt balls is the most economical method of purchase for you. Taking advantage of wholesale pricing will help increase your profits if you’re in a business that buys candy to resale. You can choose multiple varieties of candy to reach the amount required to benefit from wholesale pricing.