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Bulk Carob Chips

Wholesale Carob Chips From a Nationwide Supplier

Stock up on Carob Chips

If you don’t already have a supply of carob chips among the snack items stored in your pantry, you should create a space for them. Carob chips have a long shelf life and can be stored in the same manner as you store bulk nuts and dried fruits. Although carob chips look a lot like chocolate chips, their flavor is distinctively different. Carob chips have an earthy, nutty flavor and pair well with trail mixes, granola, breakfast foods, baked goods and other items that benefit from a boost of nutty flavor. Carob chips are caffeine-free. That makes them a good choice of snack for children and anyone needing or wanting to keep their caffeine intake minimal and for those who require caffeine-free foods. Buying bulk carob chips is a frugal way to stock up on a healthy snack item. Carob is beneficial to the digestive system. Carob can help lower cholesterol and assist in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. Adding carob chips to your snack routine will promote satiety. The fiber content of the chips contributes to a feeling of fullness reducing the urge to snack frequently or overeat at mealtime. Carob chips are a good snack for those on a weight loss diet. Carob chips can also be a part of your diet if you have must consistently manage your blood sugar levels. Adding carob chips to your diet will provide your body with beneficial calcium and magnesium that support bone health. These chips also contain potassium, phosphorous, iron, copper and zinc. When you buy bulk carob chips you can explore new ways to include these healthy chips in your standard recipes and get creative with snack mixes. You will also have a healthy, convenient snack to grab when hunger pangs demand attention.

Buying Wholesale

If you’re a purchaser for food services or own a bakery, deli, café or ice cream shop, buying wholesale carob chips is an economical way for you to offer this healthy food to your customers. Customers on a caffeine-free diet, weight loss diet or health-conscious diet will appreciate having the option of carob chips as an alternative to chocolate chips when dining or shopping at your place of business.