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When almost any occasion arises that requires you to purchase a gift nuts are an excellent idea. Our attractive, elegant-looking nut gift tins are filled with delicious goodness that can delight the recipient. We have nut gifts available that contain only one type of nut. We also have gift tins that contain one variety of nut such as cashews, almonds or pecans, prepared in three different ways. When searching for the perfect gift for a friend, family member, co-worker, employee or client, a tin that contains raw, roasted or chocolate covered nuts or a mix of nuts and dried fruit is an option that could make almost anyone on your gift list very happy. Nut gifts are popular around Christmas. With all of the sweet treats found on holiday party tables and the vast array of desserts on the family table at Christmas, a diversion from sugary food can be very pleasing to the palate. Gift tins filled with roasted salted almonds, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, filberts, pistachios and Macadamia nuts could be a very welcomed gift alternative to the deluge of sugar-based gifts that abound during the Christmas season. Another diversion from sugary holiday gifts and snacks would be our amazing, spicy hot Guacamole Mix. If you have people on your gift list that are on a salt-restricted diet, gift tins are available that contain unsalted roasted pecans, filberts Brazil nuts, Macadamia nuts and pistachios. People who have birthdays during the holiday season often feel that the holidays override their birthday celebration. A nut extravaganza gift tin or a sweet and savory gift tin would be a wonderful birthday gift. It would be distinctly different from the typically sweet gifts that are often given during the holiday season.

Holiday Nut Gifts

During the holidays, you may welcome overnight guests into your home. When you prepare the guest room for family or friends who will be staying overnight with you, including an attractive gift tin filled with decadent nuts is a wonderful way to make them feel welcome. It also provides them with a delicious treat to either enjoy while they’re visiting or to take back home. When you need a hostess gift nuts packaged in an attractive tin is a wonderful way to say thanks for the invitation. As the new year arrives, many people make resolutions that often involve losing weight or eating healthier. Nut gifts can support their resolution. You might want to give them a gift tin filled with nuts to encourage them as they strive to remain committed to their resolution. Our healthy choice and healthy heart gift tins make ideal gifts for family and friends who have resolved to eat healthier. Most often, a change of eating habits involves preparing foods differently or experimenting with new recipes. A gift tin filled pine nuts is a wonderful gift for someone who is expanding their culinary skills. Toasted pine nuts are a key ingredient in pesto. They are also a flavorful addition to salads and pasta dishes. Typically, when you think of the holidays you think of it as a festive time. However, for some people the holidays and the winter season can be stressful or somewhat depressing. A gift tin filled with decadent cashews or tropical-like Macadamia nuts could be a thoughtful way to show concern for those having a difficult time during the holidays. Chocolate is credited for being able to reduce emotional stress. Dark chocolate is an excellent mood-lifting food. A gift tin that includes milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered pecans could be beneficial to someone you know who feels a little overwhelmed or depressed during the holidays. There are many opportunities during the holidays and beyond for giving holiday nuts gifts to family and friends.