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Holiday Candy Gifts

Candy gifts have long been a popular holiday tradition. While many holiday decorating and gift-giving trends change from year to year, candy gifts remain a favorite holiday gift for people of all ages. Some holiday candy gifts are a fun way to revive childhood memories for a recipient. Chocolate covered malt balls are a nostalgic candy that has been given as gifts and eaten as a traditional holiday treat for many years. In addition to the original chocolate covered malt balls, dark chocolate covered malt balls are now available. The flavor and health benefits of dark chocolate are two good reasons to surprise a recipient with the newer version of malt balls. This timeless candy can be included as a treat on a holiday table or packaged up in bags or boxes and given as party favors or gifts. Chocolate covered raisins and chocolate covered dried cherries have consistently appeared on many Christmas gift lists for quite some time. Today, you have additional choices such as chocolate covered dried cranberries and dark chocolate covered dried cherries. Chocolate covered dried fruit continues to be a popular gift idea. Compared to milk chocolate covered raisins, yogurt covered raisins and yogurt covered dried cranberries are relatively new to the holiday candy gift options. A gift of milk chocolate or dark chocolate covered espresso beans would indicate to a recipient just how up-to-date you are on the latest snack trends. They are equally delicious and can be a great way to start a new holiday candy gift tradition. Colored chocolate candy is as festive in appearance as any holiday décor. Because of their brilliant coloring, they can be an eye-catching feature on a holiday table. A glass container filled with these colorful candies makes a fantastic holiday gift.
Candy remains a fun, anxiously-anticipated holiday gift. Some candy, such as gummy candy is similar to the nostalgic orange slices that were once a part of many family’s holiday tradition. Gummy candy is a favorite among kids and adults. Gummy bears, worms, fish, butterflies and a gummy animal mix are as colorful as the lights on a Christmas tree. Gummy apple rings and gummy cherry rings are perfect colors for a holiday gift. Sour gummies are a fun diversion from all of the sweet treats that abound during the holidays. Gummies can be packaged in fun, festive ways so that they can be given as party treats or as prizes for holiday games. Candy gift tins filled with an assortment of gummy candy would be great gifts for anyone you know who still delights in these chewy, fun and flavorful treats.

Chocolate Covered Nuts Gifts

If you’re looking for an impressive gift that is sure to be the highlight of someone’s holiday, a chocolate covered nuts gift may the answer to your quest. A beautiful tin filled with pecans or peanuts covered in rich, decadent dark chocolate is regal in appearance and impressively flavorful. Milk chocolate covered almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans and Macadamia nuts are wonderful gift ideas for family and friends. Gift tins filled with a dark chocolate or milk chocolate nut mix are great gift ideas for clients, co-workers, employees or long-standing customers. Chocolate peanut gems are a fun, cheerful candy that can be the star of the holiday table or the gift that brings a huge smile to someone’s face. This is a candy that seems to have a timeless appeal. Chocolate covered peanut clusters are another long-time favorite holiday gift idea. If you want to break away from the chocolate covered nuts that are typically given as gifts, cocoa dusted almonds and double dipped chocolate covered peanuts are two unique choices. Either of these delicious treats would be a gift that a recipient would enjoy and remember for its uniqueness.