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Gift Nuts & Dried Fruit

When you’re looking for ideas for holiday gifts nuts and dried fruit are an excellent choice. With so many people opting for a health-conscious lifestyle, fruit and nut gift tins fit exceptionally well into their healthy eating plan. We provide you with a diverse selection of holiday nut gifts making it easy for you to find the perfect gift for a co-worker, family member or friend. If you know the specific variety of nut that someone likes, you could please them with a gift tin filled with cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, pine nuts or walnuts. Our selection of gift nuts includes tins filled with a single variety and form of nut or a single variety prepared in various ways such as a combination of raw, roasted, salted, unsalted and chocolate covered. A tin filled with mixed nuts is a healthy, flavorful gift idea for anyone on your gift list that loves nuts.

Our fruit and nuts gift tins are filled with delectable dried fruit and healthy nuts. A tin filled with walnuts, almonds and dried cranberries or one that contains dates, pine nuts and a collection of mixed nuts would impressive those on your gift list who are dedicated to healthy eating and those who simply love a good snack. When a recipient opens a gift tin filled with dried fruit, the color and aroma are enough to make their mouth water. They’ll be eager to begin munching on a tropical dried fruit collection or to begin sampling the fruit in a sweet and savory farm berry tin. Christmas nut gifts are a wonderful way to please those on your gift list and make shopping a stress-free, time-saving experience for you.

Christmas Gifts – Nuts, Candy & Dry Fruits

Christmas is a time of celebration. You and those on your gift list can enjoy some flavorful, tantalizing treats during the holidays and beyond while remaining true to health conscious snack plan with our collection of gift tins that feature milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered nuts. Chocolate covered pecans, cashews and almonds are popular snack choices and wonderful gift ideas. Chocolate covered fruit is an exquisite gift idea that’s sure to impress whoever is lucky enough to receive a tin filled with this sweet, chewy treat. Our tins filled with a yogurt covered nut and fruit mix or yogurt covered pretzels are an impressive gift idea. If you want to see a smile come across someone’s face, watch as they open a gift tin filled with a chocolate covered fruit and nut mixture. A luxurious coating of dark chocolate takes an old favorite such as milk chocolate covered raisins to an entirely new level. Fun is a key element in a holiday celebration. A gift tin filled with gummy bear, sour bears, gummy peach rings and gummy apple rings would delight a child on your gift list. This whimsical gift tin could also be given to a teenager or adult on your gift list who loves gummy candy and would appreciate the nostalgic memories that gummy candy revives.