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  • Dark Chocolate Bridge Mix

    1lb Bag - $5.40

    Amazing taste and textural sensations will continue from your first to your last handful of this dark chocolate bridge mix. The pleasantly intense dark chocolate merges with the sweet raisins to create an ideally balanced flavor. A soft chewiness combines with the crunchiness of the almonds and peanuts. Then, as an unexpected surprise, a nostalgic…

  • Dark Chocolate Chips

    1lb Bag - $4.00

    These intensely flavorful, mysteriously sweet, dark chocolate chips can increase the elegance of numerous recipes. Allow yourself the luxury of adding them to snack mixes or keeping a bag of them in your desk drawer or somewhere close by to enjoy as a “pick-me-up” when you’re feeling weighed down with work and obligations.

  • When you take a crunchy, buttery flavored almond and cover it with luxurious, delectable dark chocolate, the result is a healthy treat that is likely to surpass your expectations. These delicious dark chocolate covered almonds make a wonderful snack or and can be an impressive item on a party table. They can take homemade granola…

  • When you take the imperial cashew and cover it with rich, superbly delicious dark chocolate you have an ultimately elegant treat. The intense dark chocolate is the perfect complement to the naturally soft texture and mildly sweet, buttery flavor of the cashews. Dark chocolate covered cashews add elegance to a party table and are an…

  • Surprise your taste buds with this flavorsome treat. Rich, intense dark chocolate beautifully conceals a delightful surprise. As soon as you bite into one of these dark chocolate covered cherries your taste buds will be awakened and yearning for another bite. You'll be so enthralled with the flavor of this treat that you'll forget that…

  • Our dark chocolate covered espresso beans are unapologetically indulgent. They cross over the line that separates goodness and greatness. Once you try them you'll know that its their greatness that earns them top spot in a category reserved for supremely decadent, intensely flavored treats. They're a wonderful way to pamper yourself or impress someone special.

  • Dark chocolate covered peanuts are an elevated version of one of the most popular snacks consumed by people of all ages. Peanuts have been enjoyed for years at ballgames, on road trips and as a favorite anytime snack. Dark chocolate is revered for its health benefits. When it is pour over peanuts the result is…

  • These uniquely shaped dark chocolate covered pretzels provide a titillating experience for your taste buds. Divinely pleasurable, rich, creamy dark chocolate provides a delicious covering for the pleasantly salty, crispy, crunchy pretzels. All it takes is one bite for you to get the full impact of how marvelously these flavors complement each other.

  • Raisins are a timeless on-the-go snack. They’re perfect for lunch boxes, backpacks and late night snacking. Our dark chocolate covered raisins are a scrumptious snack that kids and adults love. The chewy texture of the raisins allows time for the sweet raisin flavor to mingle with the intense chocolate flavor and delight your taste buds.

  • Outstanding in appearance and taste, this dark chocolate fruit and nut mix is a collection of decadent, delightful goodies. A rich dark chocolate coating conceals bits of fruity sweetness and a buttery flavor that's sure to please your palate. The crunch from the almonds, cashews and peanuts and the chewiness of the raisins gives you…

  • Dark Chocolate Malt Balls

    1lb Bag - $5.90

    Dark chocolate malt balls are an upscale version of the nostalgic milk chocolate malt balls that have been a favorite among kids and adults for many years. You’re getting a double portion of deliciousness with the decadent, intensely flavored dark chocolate that complements the sweet, slightly nutty malt balls that also tend to have a…

  • Dark Chocolate Pecans

    1lb Bag - $8.60

    With dark chocolate pecans you have the opportunity to experience the astounding flavor that results when you combine intensely rich dark chocolate with the mellow, nutty taste of pecans. These nuts provide a phenomenal experience for your tastebuds. They are stunning in a serving bowl on a party table, but you'll have to admire them…

100% Pure Dark Chocolate.
Gourmet dark chocolate nuts and fruits are a delicious, healthy treat. Knowing that the nuts, fruit, and dark chocolate provide numerous health benefits makes them an enjoyable indulgence. Gourmet dark chocolate nuts and fruits make excellent gifts.

You can buy bulk dark chocolate nuts and fruits from Nuttop.com. This is an economical way to include them in gift baskets. Buying bulk dark chocolate nuts and fruits gives you the opportunity to impress party guests by offering them an assortment of these delicious candies.

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