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Signature Trail Mixes

Signature Trail Mixes

We offer a variety of trail mixes for your snacking needs. Each variety is specially prepared, adding the perfect mixture of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Great for snacking in between meals, on the go, or at home.
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Bulk Trail Mixes

Trail mixes come in numerous premixed varieties. You can diversify your daily trail mixes so that you never become bored with your decision to eat healthy snacks. Some of these mixes are filled with delicious ingredients that are specifically designed for weight conscious individuals. 

Gourmet bulk trail mixes are available that give you an extra energy boost when you're having a hectic day, hiking, biking, exercising, or just experiencing an afternoon slump. Trail mixes that include a variety of gourmet nuts are a healthy choice because they provide vitamin and nutrients as well as satisfy your urge to snack. 

Choosing mixes with dried fruit adds excitement for your taste buds. Buying wholesale trail mixes is an economical way to keep an assortment of mixes on hand. Bulk gourmet nut mixes make excellent gifts when packaged in attractive containers.

Bulk mixes can be purchased online in the following varieties:

  • Calorie counter 
  • Energy Mix 
  • Hi- Energy Mix 
  • Breakfast Mix 
  • Weight Watchers Mix 
  • Mixed Fruit California 
  • Mixed Nuts Roasted Unsalted
  • Mixed Nuts Roasted Salted 
  • Royal Cranberry Mix 
  • Cherry Island Mix
  • Berry Island Mix
  • Happy Heart Mix
  • Deluxe Mixed Nuts Roasted Unsalted
  • Deluxe Mixed Nuts Salted