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Dried Prunes

Plump, juicy, flavorful prunes are a healthy, delicious way to satisfy your desire for something sweet.


Health benefits

  • Prunes are a naturally sweet treat.
  • Prunes help regulate glucose metabolism
  • They aid in digestion and protect against cancer.
  • Prunes promote cardiovascular health and bone health.


Nutrition facts

  • Prunes are an excellent source of fiber.
  • They contain phenolic compounds and provide your body potassium, copper, and boron. Boron is necessary for strong bones.


Culinary uses

Prunes can be used in so many ways that buying bulk prunes would be most economical. Buying bulk prunes is a convenient way to keep the supply needed for adding prunes to snack mixes, baked items, and numerous other recipes. You can surprise your family and friends with delicious desserts such as Prune cake with walnuts. 



You can buy wholesale prunes online in several different varieties.

  • Prunes pitted
  • Dark chocolate prune clusters
  • Sugar free chocolate prune clusters