We would like to welcome you to our website and tell you how much we appreciate your visit. If you are unfamiliar with our company, Regal Gourmet Snacks, we are a provider of premium snack products such as nuts, fruits, trail mixes and confections. We offer these nutrient rich and exceptional tasting snacks at wholesale prices. We are so sure that our assortment of fresh products, like our nuts and dried fruits, will please your palate that we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. We have been in the nut and dried fruit snack business for 35 years, and we know the importance of selling quality products that leave customers happy and satisfied. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our product, please call us. We will exchange the product or issue a refund. We use UPS Ground as a default shipping method and try to ship the same day when the order was received. 

At our website you can learn more about our company and how we began. You can read about the health benefits of nuts and dried fruit snacks, and you can learn about the products and capabilities we offer. You will also find contact information if you would like to reach us to place an order. Our website is not only a place for you, our customers, to learn about us, but we want to learn about you, too! We hope that you will visit our site often to check our blog posts for the latest news in the world of snacks. Additionally, we hope that you will feel free to share your innovative and exciting recipes with us. You may submit them under the blog tab menu. We look forward to a continuing relationship with all of our customers. Snack on nut and dried fruit lovers!