We have heard your requests  and have responded by  making two significant changes to our web store.    We have changed  to a packaging material that is completely recyclable as well as unbreakable.  We realize the importance of getting your packages in perfect condition so we have switched to a resealable package that will not only prevent our products from spoiling (oxidation) but will also be able to withstand shipping without breaking. 

With great anticipation we would like to announce that  after meeting with UPS  we have been able to reduce our shipping costs by 4-6%.   Since we have never profited from shipping these savings have been forwarded to  you.   We at NutStop love our customers and pledge to continue to reduce shipping costs as we are able to negotiate better rates with growth.    We thank you for shopping Nutstop and  making us your store of choice for nuts,  dried fruits,  and confections.    We will continue to expand our selection to serve you better.

We apologize to any of our customers that may have experienced broken bags and can assure you the situation has been solved.   Remember,  we have always had the highest grade of product available anywhere in the world - now we have packaging to match.