As the temperatures drop, the chances of coming in contact with someone who has a cold increases. Taking steps to prevent getting sick is far better than seeking treatment once you get sick. Increasing the amount of vitamin C in your diet is a simple means of prevention. Dried blueberries and dried cranberries are two very delicious "add ins" that are high in vitamin C. These, as well as many other dried fruits, can be added to breakfast foods such as muffins, pancakes, oatmeal, and cold cereal. They can also be added to seasonal side dishes such as turkey stuffing. Raisins or dried apples can be added to sweet potato recipes to create a delicious side dish.

We all tend to get even busier than usual as the holiday season approaches. Keeping prepared desserts or snacks on hand for unexpected guests can be just one more holiday task. You can eliminate this added task by keeping an assortment of nuts and candy on hand that you can quickly put on a decorative tray to serve your guests. Buying bulk quantities of a variety of nuts and candy, including sugar free confections, is a budget friendly and extremely convenient way to have the items on hand that you need. 

Getting a sufficient amount of rest is just one more way to stay healthy during the autumn and winter season. Cool mornings are perfect for sleeping in. You might want to designate a specific morning for the whole family to start the day slowly. Sleep late and once everyone finally wakes up, serve them a warm, delicious, healthy breakfast that includes some of the breakfast foods mentioned above.