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We have heard your requests  and have responded by  making two significant changes to our web store.    We have changed  to a packaging material that is completely recyclable as well as unbreakable.  We realize the importance of getting your packages in perfect condition so we have switched to a resealable package that will not only prevent our products from spoiling (oxidation) but will also be able to withstand shipping without breaking. 

With great anticipation we would like to announce that  after meeting with UPS  we have been able to reduce our shipping costs by 4-6%.   Since we have never profited from shipping these savings have been forwarded to  you.   We at NutStop love our customers and pledge to continue to reduce shipping costs as we are able to negotiate better rates with growth.    We thank you for shopping Nutstop and  making us your store of choice for nuts,  dried fruits,  and confections.    We will continue to expand our selection to serve you better.

We apologize to any of our customers that may have experienced broken bags and can assure you the situation has been solved.   Remember,  we have always had the highest grade of product available anywhere in the world - now we have packaging to match.


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It seems that no matter where you look today, there's information encouraging everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is a major concern. Adopting healthy eating habits in conjunction with a more active lifestyle is a beneficial plan that can improve your overall health. 

After reading and hearing a wealth of information promoting healthy living, you may want to get on board with the healthy living lifestyle. However, breaking old habits can be difficult and looking for excuses to delay changing your habits is quite typical. You may think eating healthy will be more expensive, or that preparing healthy meals and snacks will be too time consuming. You'll find that those excuses won't work once you discover the frugality of buying nuts and dried fruits in bulk at wholesale prices and the convenience of pre-packaged healthy snacks.

Nuts have many health benefits. Specific benefits are attributed to certain varieties but in general, nuts help lower cholesterol, are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, can help prevent diabetes and can actually help you with a weight loss plan. Nuts are high in fiber, which makes you feel fuller and eat less.

One major step in improving your eating habits is to break the habit of consuming unhealthy snacks. It is actually advisable to eat small snacks during the day. The key is to choose healthy snacks. You can easily create blends of nuts and dried fruits to appeal to your taste buds by ordering a supply of nuts and fruits in bulk and experimenting with various mixtures. Assisting children with their own creative blends will make them more eager to choose healthy snacks instead of unhealthy options.

Exercise is also a part of the healthy lifestyle plan. Hiking, biking, walking and workouts at the gym are just a few ways to increase your level of physical activity. Trial mix is a popular, easy to carry snack. You can make your own, or purchase trail mix bags in bulk at wholesale prices so that you always have a constant supply ready to stash in your back pack, gym bag or pocket.

Transitioning from unhealthy and sedentary to healthy and active can be a more pleasant experience when you include delicious snacks of nuts and dried fruit in the plan. It's almost as if those delicious snacks are your reward, when actually they are a key factor in achieving your goal.


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Simplify your holiday shopping and entertaining with edible gifts and instant party snacks. 

By purchasing nuts, dried fruit, and candy online in bulk, you can save yourself a considerable amount of time which is something everyone seems to be short on during the holiday season. Buying in bulk is also a budget friendly way to shop. You can use these bulk items to create some absolutely wonderful and incredibly delicious gift baskets and treat bags for family, friends, and co-workers. 

It’s important to keep in mind the specific dietary concerns that some people on your gift list or some of your party guests may have. You can make certain to have something for everyone by including some sugar free snacks on your party table. Snacks such as sugar free chocolate covered nuts, chocolate raspberry jellies, or sugar free almond butter toffee are delicious treats that anyone can enjoy.

You can quickly and easily create a beautiful party table with nuts, fruit, and candy. Don’t forget to include some unique snack foods such as corn sticks and corn nuts in delicious flavors such as chili cheese, Cajun, and chili lemon in your snack assortment. Add in a few homemade or bakery specialty items, and some festive table decor and you’re ready for guests to arrive. 

You can add some festivity to your party table with colorful fruit and veggie chips. Yogurt covered nuts and fruits are an impressive party snack. If you must make a choice, splurge on the food and be frugal when decorating. Everyone will be talking about your impressive edible party displays long after they forget what the decorations looked like. Edible décor is a money saving, time saving way to decorate your party table, kitchen counter, or dining room during the holidays.

When you find yourself needing to purchase numerous gifts for groups of people such as co-workers, your child’s friends, your casual friends, or family members that will be gathered together at Christmas, gift bags filled with delicious treats are a simple yet impressive gift idea. You might want to make several gift bags filled with nuts, fruit, trail mixes, and other delicious items to have on hand for those unexpected arrivals that tend to occur during the holiday season. If, by chance, you have some gift bags left after the holidays, you can always enjoy them yourself.



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Frugal Summertime Fun

7/8/2011 7:02 AM

The traditional summer vacation may not be in the budget for many of us this summer. There's a big push toward spending your summer vacation time in your hometown or state. Day trips and "staycations" are two of the more popular choices of summertime activity this year. But, regardless of whether you vacation at home, near home, or far away from home, there is always food involved. 

Eating out while traveling can be one of your larger expenses. You can reduce the amount of money you spend on meals and snacks by preparing them at home and taking them with you. Buying snacks and other food items at a wholesale price is a budget friendly way to shop.

Trail mix is a snack that travels well to almost any vacation destination. You have a large selection of prepared trail mixes to select from that can be bought at a wholesale price. You may be thinking that a bulk purchase is too much for your summertime needs. That's not a problem at all. Once you return to work and the kids return to school, that trail mix can be packed in a lunch bag and eaten as a snack during the day or after school. And, of course it can always be part of your fun weekend adventures.

Ice cream and summer are a perfect match. If a birthday party is in your summer plans, most likely, ice cream is on the party menu. You can purchase nuts, dried fruit, and candy in bulk at a wholesale price. Set up an assortment of toppings for an ice cream bar and let your guests create a delicious personalized treat. You may discover some absolutely delicious mixtures of flavors that you will want to enjoy often. Dark chocolate covered cherries mixed with vanilla bean ice cream is just one example of the luxurious combination of flavors you can create. Milk chocolate peanut pokies are an ideal add-in for color and flavor. Children might enjoy topping their bowl of ice cream with some fruit flavored gummies.

While enjoying those cold, crisp summer salads, don't forget the added flavor that cashews, peanuts, and sunflower seeds can give a salad. For a real burst of unexpected, unique flavor, sprinkle a few spicy hot sunflower seeds on your next summer salad. After all summertime is the perfect time to be a little nutty.

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Summer begins in June and so does the array of fun, summer time activities. Summer parties with a tropical theme are very popular. You can create a variety of exotic, tropical flavored homemade ice creams using dried fruit. You may need to plump the dried fruit in juice, rum, or boiling water before adding it to your ice cream recipe. When having an ice cream party, you can place an assortment of nuts on the table so that guests can choose their favorite to sprinkle on the ice cream. You could also provide a bowl of gummies for children to enjoy with their ice cream.

Father's Day is June 19th. Gift trays with your father's favorite variety of nuts or chocolate candy would be an excellent way to make your Dad happy. 

Summer time often means travel time. Car trips to a vacation destination can be a little more enjoyable if you carry along some healthy, pre-packaged snacks for both the adults and the children in the car. If you plan to travel often, you might want to consider buying dried fruit, nuts, and chocolates to mix together to create individualized snack packs. 

For many people, summer brings about an increase in outdoor activity. If you enjoy camping, hiking, or biking during the summer, you probably take some type of snack with you. Pre-packaged trail mix is a healthy, energizing, very portable snack to stash in your backpack. If you prefer, you can buy trail mix ingredients that satisfy your taste buds and make a personalized mixture to carry with you.

Summer time is party time. However, you may not want to use up a lot of your free time preparing food for an outdoor party. You can quickly and easily fill a portion of the party table with bowls of nuts, dried fruit, and candy. Granola bars and cookies with dried fruit are fast and simple to make. Recipes can easily be found online and in many cookbooks.

Summer clothing and swimsuits make us more aware of our bodies. Low calorie snacks can help you lose weight or maintain whatever you consider to be your ideal weight. Keeping 100 calorie snack packs readily available in your car, at the office, and at home makes it easy to control your calorie consumption and keep looking good in your summer wardrobe.




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Spring Into Good Health

3/3/2011 7:54 AM

Much to the delight of those who are tired of cold, gray winter days, Spring arrives in March. With the arrival of spring, people find themselves spending more time engaged in outdoor activities. Even though March is National Nutrition month, cooking is probably not high on the list of things you want to do in spring. Fortunately, fruits and nuts can easily be incorporated into spring time menus to increase their nutritional value. Dried fruit and nuts are excellent spring time snack items.

New growth is a symbol of spring. Based on the overall economic situation, your wallet or budget may not be growing as rapidly as the flowers and grass. Buying dried fruit and nuts online is an economical way to prepare trail mixes that contain family favorites. Stay-cations are expected to be quite popular this spring. Whether it's a family activity day spent enjoying backyard games, a backyard camping adventure, or a day spent hiking at a local nature trail, trail mixes are a healthy snack for the day. If traveling is on your spring time agenda, snack cups on the go are ideal traveling companions for adults and children.

As the weather gets warmer, it's always nice to have healthy meal plans that involve little or no cooking time. A breakfast of cereal or oatmeal becomes more nutritious with the addition of dried fruit. A healthy green salad for lunch might include several varieties of nuts and the addition of dried cranberries, dried cherries, or some other type of dried fruit. Add a garnish of cashews or almonds to your grilled chicken or pork for dinner.

As the weather gets warmer, it's time to enjoy outdoor parties and events with family and friends. You can prepare an appealing spring time party tray with a colorful assortment of dried fruit and a variety of nuts. Ice cream is a favorite warm weather dessert. Adding some gummies, yogurt drops or dark chocolate covered nuts as a garnish will transform an ordinary bowl of ice cream into a fun or decadent dessert.

People are often inspired to go on a diet in spring. Sugar free chocolate covered fruit, nuts and clusters allow those watching their weight to still enjoy the luxury of chocolate. Pre-packaged 100 calorie snacks are convenient for car trips, spring time nature walks, and numerous other occasions. 

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In 1963 Congress proclaimed February to be American Heart Month. With all of the attention this month on the emotional aspects of the heart, this is also a very appropriate time to focus on the physical condition of the heart. There are various factors incorporated into a heart healthy lifestyle. Weight management, exercise, and a healthy diet all contribute to a healthy heart. All three of these factors can work together to assure that you are living a hearth healthy lifestyle.

Nuts support heart health. Cashews, walnuts, almonds, and a variety of other nuts are an excellent snack. Nuts help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. They contain fiber, vitamins, and the Omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts are a convenient, portable snack to take to work or school. Exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Trail mixes are an ideal companion to take to the gym or to pack for a nature walk. Nuts can also be incorporated into numerous main course, vegetable, and dessert recipes.

Dark chocolate also provides health benefits for the heart. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and is helpful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. It helps balance hormones. Chocolate is considered a pleasure food. Enjoying something that is pleasurable is a form of stress reduction and less stress is always good for the heart.

It is very fitting that February be designated as a month for promoting heart health. Valentine's Day celebrates the emotional aspect of the heart. It is indeed a time for love. Chocolate has long been a popular gift for Valentine's Day. You may want to create a personalized gift basket filled with your Valentine's favorite assortment of chocolate. Adding some dried fruit and nuts to the gift would be a deliciously thoughtful way to give your Valentine a heart healthy gift. Chocolate should be eaten slowly in order to savor the delicious, stress reducing, pleasurable experience of eating it. For many people, love and chocolate are synonymous. 

You could brighten the day for family, friends, and co-workers with a small gift of chocolate during the month of February. Buying chocolate in bulk is economical and also helps assure that you have plenty to enjoy yourself as well as some to share with others.

Let February be the month you begin or reaffirm your commitment to living a heart healthy lifestyle and celebrate love and life each day.

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Winter Warm-up

12/2/2010 10:12 AM

During the winter months, most of us find ourselves spending more time indoors. When the view out of the window is gray and dreary and the cold air whips around the corner of your house, all you want to do is retreat to a cozy corner of your home and stay warm. In winter, a home feels warmer when it is filled with tantalizing aromas. Peanuts roasting in the oven is just one example of a way to aromatically warm your home while creating a delicious snack to enjoy while curled up with a good book or movie. 

Being indoors in winter gives you more time to enjoy being together as a family. Watching a movie or playing nostalgic boards games with your kids is a wonderful way to spend a winter evening. Having a healthy and nutritious snack such as cashews, peanuts, trail mixes, and chocolate covered fruits and nuts to munch on makes the evening even more enjoyable.

Most of us are bombarded with sweet treats during the holidays. Having nuts and dried fruit available is a welcome alternative to the numerous confections that show up everywhere in December. Buying a bulk amount of your family's favorite healthy snacks is an economical way to keep nutritious alternatives on hand.

There is always the likelihood of coming in contact, either directly or indirectly, with someone who has the familiar wintertime common cold. Certain vitamin rich foods can help increase your defense against colds. Dried fruit such as blueberries, cranberries, papaya, and mango contain vitamin C and antioxidants to help protect and improve your immune system. Keeping a supply of on the go snack cups filled with these fruits in your desk drawer, your car, or packing them in lunch bags will provide an extra boost to your immune system while satisfying your urge to snack.

Even during the winter, it is important to spend some time outdoors. There will be days when the temperature rises, the sun shines, and being outside is not so unpleasant. This is a good time to grab a pack of trail mix and head out for a nature walk. Just being outside will lift your spirit and your body can benefit from the healthy snack you've chosen to take along with you.

When roasting nuts: 

Sprinkle with your favorite seasonings 
Experiment with new mixtures
Stir in soy sauce or hot sauce for an added punch

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As the temperatures drop, the chances of coming in contact with someone who has a cold increases. Taking steps to prevent getting sick is far better than seeking treatment once you get sick. Increasing the amount of vitamin C in your diet is a simple means of prevention. Dried blueberries and dried cranberries are two very delicious "add ins" that are high in vitamin C. These, as well as many other dried fruits, can be added to breakfast foods such as muffins, pancakes, oatmeal, and cold cereal. They can also be added to seasonal side dishes such as turkey stuffing. Raisins or dried apples can be added to sweet potato recipes to create a delicious side dish.

We all tend to get even busier than usual as the holiday season approaches. Keeping prepared desserts or snacks on hand for unexpected guests can be just one more holiday task. You can eliminate this added task by keeping an assortment of nuts and candy on hand that you can quickly put on a decorative tray to serve your guests. Buying bulk quantities of a variety of nuts and candy, including sugar free confections, is a budget friendly and extremely convenient way to have the items on hand that you need. 

Getting a sufficient amount of rest is just one more way to stay healthy during the autumn and winter season. Cool mornings are perfect for sleeping in. You might want to designate a specific morning for the whole family to start the day slowly. Sleep late and once everyone finally wakes up, serve them a warm, delicious, healthy breakfast that includes some of the breakfast foods mentioned above. 

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There's no need to wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas to enjoy a delicious, healthy feast of food. October is National Apple Month and National Dessert Month. That alone makes it a month worth celebrating. In addition to the month long celebration of apples and desserts, October 22 is National Nut Day. 

You could take advantage of National Nut Day to act a little nutty. But, an even better way to celebrate this day would be to enjoy your favorite nuts for snack or explore a different variety of nut that is unfamiliar to you. Throw a party to celebrate healthy, delicious, and versatile nuts. Order bulk supplies of various types of nuts to place on the party table for guests to indulge in. Place a few bowls of colorful trail mix and dried fruit , especially apples, on the table with the nuts to create a colorful display. Celebrate friendship, healthy snacks, and the colors of fall in honor of National Nut Day.

October may become your favorite month since it gives you a perfect excuse to indulge in a variety of sweet treats, not only on Halloween, but all month long as a way to celebrate National Dessert Month. Since this is also National Apple Month, you can create delicious desserts with dried apples. Be sure to include some healthy nuts in your apple dessert recipes.

Halloween provides the ideal opportunity to delight children and adults with treat bags filled with dried fruit, nuts, and of course some candy. Children love gummies and they are a bright, cheerful, flavor packed addition to a Halloween treat bag. They also add an element of fun to the top of a cupcake or pudding cup. Ordering gummies wholesale is an economical way to brighten the faces of children on Halloween.

Dried apples, cranberries, cherries and many other dried fruits can be added to a basic quick bread recipe to create a delicious dessert. You can also mix in chopped walnuts or pecans to make the bread even more flavorful. A favorite autumn dessert is fried apple pies. Using canned biscuits reduces the preparation time for these hand held treats. The basic recipe is easy to find online. You can add various dried fruits such as cranberries or cherries to the apple mixture to give an old favorite a new and exciting flavor.


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For many, September is a transitional month. It is a time when schedules and routine change for families with children who are returning to school. The weather changes and encourages us to spend time outdoors enjoy the delightfully cooler temperatures and the colorful scenic changes. This is also a good month to exchange unhealthy eating habits for deliciously healthier ones. If you already choose nuts and fruit for snack as opposed to cookies and chips, it's a good time to explore new snacks and recipes prepared with the healthy foods you have in your pantry.

When children return to school, mornings can become hectic. Bag lunches are money savers for children and adults. Cups-on-the-go snacks are ideal to toss into a lunch bag and there are so many varieties available that everyone will find many favorites. You can save time, money, and make snack choices easier by keeping a large selection of tall bags filled with prepared trail mixes, chocolate covered dried fruit, and gourmet nuts in a basket on the kitchen counter. There they will be readily available as a grab and go snack for busy mornings, an afternoon pick-me-up, or to take on a hiking, biking, or nature walk adventure.

Children like to be involved in preparing their snacks. Toss-a-Bag snacks are fun to make and healthy and delicious to eat.

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A September To Remember

8/13/2010 8:05 AM

September is an ideal month for celebrating a change in seasons. Cooler evenings mean you have an opportunity to enjoy a gathering of family and friends around a flickering fire for an evening of relaxation and good conversation. September 13 is known as National Peanut Day. Roasted peanuts, apple cider, an autumn evening, and friends are the perfect ingredients for a celebration of peanut day. Sending your guests home with a bag of spicy peanuts, roasted redskins, or a bag of peanuts seasoned with your specialty spices would make the event even more memorable.

There are two special days in September that offer you the opportunity to bestow gifts on special people. The first Sunday in September after Labor Day is Grandparent's Day. A gift tray filled with a variety of peanuts, dried fruit and candy would be a wonderful gift to give your grandparents on this special day of recognition. 
The fourth Sunday in September is Good Neighbor Day. You can use this day to give a gift of thanks to a neighbor who has been especially good to you or you can be a good neighbor and give your favorite neighbors a small gift. Whether you choose to give small bags filled with peanuts or candy to several neighbors or a larger gift tray filled with an assortment of goodies to one special neighbor, you will experience a good inner feeling knowing that you that you acknowledged this day in a special way.

Seasoning suggestions for roasted peanuts: 
Garlic salt, onion powder, and chili powder
Cinnamon and sugar

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Father's day is the perfect time to let your dad know how much you appreciate and love him, but what can you buy for the man who already has everything? If your dad is like countless others, he probably does not need a new tie, power tool, or paper weight for his desk. Instead of mulling over the same tired father's day gift ideas, try thinking outside the box. Consider purchasing your dad a gift from Not only will these father's days gifts be edible and tasty, but they will be good for dear old dad's health as well. 

There are several types of nut and dried fruit snack ideas from which you may choose. Does your dad think he is the toughest dad on the block? Give him some hot, spicy Peanuts or Wasabi Peas to prove once and for all that he deserves the title of toughest dad. Is your dad a sports enthusiast? He may enjoy snacking on delicious and healthy nuts and dried fruits while watching his favorite team. Does your dad have a real sweet tooth? Dark chocolate and milk chocolate covered nuts and dried fruit may be right up his alley. 

Be sure to mark Sunday, June 20th on your calendar as father's day. When you place an order, we will make every effort to ship your order the same day. You should be certain to order early enough to ensure that your gift will arrive on-time. Your dad is sure to love our fresh nut and dried fruit snack products. We are so certain that he will love them, that we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on all our products.

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Welcome to!

6/13/2010 6:00 PM

We would like to welcome you to our website and tell you how much we appreciate your visit. If you are unfamiliar with our company, Regal Gourmet Snacks, we are a provider of premium snack products such as nuts, fruits, trail mixes and confections. We offer these nutrient rich and exceptional tasting snacks at wholesale prices. We are so sure that our assortment of fresh products, like our nuts and dried fruits, will please your palate that we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. We have been in the nut and dried fruit snack business for 35 years, and we know the importance of selling quality products that leave customers happy and satisfied. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our product, please call us. We will exchange the product or issue a refund. We use UPS Ground as a default shipping method and try to ship the same day when the order was received. 

At our website you can learn more about our company and how we began. You can read about the health benefits of nuts and dried fruit snacks, and you can learn about the products and capabilities we offer. You will also find contact information if you would like to reach us to place an order. Our website is not only a place for you, our customers, to learn about us, but we want to learn about you, too! We hope that you will visit our site often to check our blog posts for the latest news in the world of snacks. Additionally, we hope that you will feel free to share your innovative and exciting recipes with us. You may submit them under the blog tab menu. We look forward to a continuing relationship with all of our customers. Snack on nut and dried fruit lovers!


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